• The scalable fieldbus solution from R. STAHL

    Advanced Physical Layer Diagnostics for free in all our fieldbus power supplies. Your decision for the most effective solution for fieldbus installation made easy.

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  • System solutions and integrated solutions

    for hazardous areas – target-oriented concepts for a suitable and efficient implementation of your task.

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  • EXLUX 6001
    EXLUX 6009

    R. STAHL presents: the new linear fluorescent luminaire for Zone 1 pursuant to the current standard version, featuring outstanding attributes, also suitable for use as emergency luminaire.

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  • Remote I/O system IS1+ installation video

    Simple mounting and modification: no requirement of special engineering software

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Explosion Protection by R. STAHL

R. STAHL - gli esperti nella protezione contro le esplosioni. Il nostro gruppo, operante in ambito internazionale, è leader in questa tecnologia... leggi tutto

Explosion Protection

Learn from the EXperts in explosion protection

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